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Unreal Island Showdown

Unreal Island Showdown is a show produced by UEFN Hub and hosted by Klarque Cent and ThatNerdChris, featuring an exhilarating showcase of Fortnite creativity. Discover the excitement of Unreal Island Showdown! Explore our captivating episodes by clicking the image below, and stay tuned for even more thrilling content coming soon at

Season 1

Week 1

Featuring Muselk

Week 2

Featuring LootStation

Week 3

Featuring 7xNick

Explore the Best Maps of the Week

Immerse yourself in the most captivating and innovative maps of the week. Discover the top creations handpicked by the UEFN Hub community.



We hope this proves to be a great resource for you when learning to create games in UEFN!

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Gun Game Verse Snippet Script by Twin

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